Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt for Kids | Valentines Treasure Hunt Clues | Valentines Printable Kids Game | Valentines Day Gift for Kids


This printable Valentine's Day scavenger hunt makes a fun party game or way to let your kids hunt for a special Valentine's Day gift at the end. To play this scavenger hunt game with your family, friends and kids - all you need to do is print the game cards! Each card directs kids to a location where the next card is hidden. The last card will direct them the the location of "the treasure" or Valentine's Day surprise!

Use as many of as few of the cards as you want! The important thing is to use both the first and last of the numbered cards (Card 1 & 24)


This download includes:

This is a digital download that prints on US LETTER SIZE PAPER:
- 24 Clue Cards directing to common household items (bed, lamp, recipe book, freezer, washing machine, bookcase, etc)
- 1 Reference Sheet reminding you where to hide each clue or where they have been hidden if you forget!
- 6 Blank Cards (You can fill in your own personalized clues to add to the game)

You can eliminate ANY of the clues if they don't apply to your location. The clues are numbered just to keep track of them on the reference sheet! You can also add your own clues with the included BLANK cards!

***The clue cards are not editable, however blank cards have been included if you wish you add you own personalized clues to the game!

After you have completed your purchase you will be directed to a download page where you can download ,save and print this file!