Bunco Rules

Objective: The primary aim of Bunco is to accumulate points by rolling specific numbers on three dice, as determined by the round number. Players compete in teams, with the ultimate goal of achieving the highest score.
  • Setup: Gather a group of at least four players and provide each player with a Bunco score sheet and three six-sided dice. Designate a comfortable playing area with enough space for all participants.
  • Gameplay: Bunco is typically played in rounds, with each round consisting of six turns per player. Players are divided into teams of two, with teammates sitting opposite each other at the playing table. The game progresses through a predetermined number of rounds, often ranging from one to six, depending on the group's preference.
Scoring and Rounds: Each round focuses on a specific target number, corresponding to the round number itself. For instance, in round one, players aim to roll as many "1s" as possible, while in round two, the target number becomes "2s," and so forth, up to round six. The round number also signifies the number of points awarded for rolling the target number. For example, rolling a "3" during round three earns the player three points.
  • Rolling the Dice: Players take turns rolling all three dice, attempting to roll the target number for the current round. For example, during round one, players strive to roll as many "1s" as possible on their turn. Each player continues rolling until they fail to roll the target number, at which point their turn ends.
  • Scoring Points: Points are awarded based on the number of target numbers rolled during a turn. Each instance of the target number rolled earns the player one point. Additionally, if a player rolls three of the target number in a single turn, it's called a "Bunco" and earns the player 21 points. Players keep track of their points on the Bunco score sheet.
  • Moving Seats: After each round concludes, players switch seats according to a predetermined rotation. This rotation ensures that players have different partners and opponents throughout the game, adding an element of variety and interaction.
  • Ending the Game: The game typically continues until one team reaches a predetermined score, often set at 21 points. Alternatively, the game can conclude after completing a set number of rounds. Players can adjust the winning conditions based on their preferences and time available.
  • Winning: The team with the highest total score at the end of the game wins. Additionally, players may choose to award additional prizes for specific achievements, such as the most Buncos, the highest single-round score, or the best overall performance.