FALL Bingo, Printable AUTUMN Vocabulary Bingo Game, Practice Fall Words, 30 Bingo Boards for KIDS, Instant Download


Learn and practice seasonal vocabulary for FALL and AUTUMN. This 30 word BINGO GAME is a great way to help students word/picture association while having fun. I’ve included 30 common vocabulary words related to the FALL season. This game is great for ESL and EFL first time learners and makes a great activity for young elementary students to review and learn seasonal words.

What's included:

✔ 30 Bingo cards

✔ 30 Teacher Calling Cards


rake, falling leaves, coffee mug, pumpkin, autumn leaf, apple cider, pumpkin patch, sunflower, apple pie, apple barrel, candy apple, pumpkin pie, bale of hay, turkey, wheel barrow, squirrel, apple tree, scarecrow, corn, cornucopia, acorn, wagon, pile of leaves, crow, grapes, pear, football, barn, pinecone, mushroom

The calling cards are easy to cut out with with straight dashed lines! Low prep, just print, laminate, cut out and your class will be ready to play. I recommend laminating this game so you can use it over and over for years.